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Welcome to the family
Family owned and operated for over 55 years

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Give your shower the treatment it deserves
Eliminate limescale and prolong its lifespan

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Better water on tap
Treat yourself, your fruits and vegetables to softer water

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The way water should be
Let your tableware shine

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 Softness you can feel
Make your clothes softer, brighter and last longer

More on benefits of soft water


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Hague Water has distributors in over 30 cities throughout Europe.

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Designed specifically to treat the hardness and impurities of your home’s water supply.

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Water softeners remove minerals in hard water by using resin beads in the “ion exchange process”…

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Hague is one of the largest and oldest water treatment equipment manufacturers in the world. Our tradition of excellence goes back more than 55 years, to 1960 when Bill Hague established his business in the USA.

Hague is still fully family owned and operated. All our products are manufactured in the USA, and all systems undergo a 100% full testing before being shipped.

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