Water Softener Models 50 | 51

Compact in size but big on performance they are designed to provide any size family with effortlessly soft water without the hassle of stain and damage-causing iron.

These units continually outperform many conventional water softeners with a useable capacity of 32,500 grains of hardness removal during each regeneration. It answers the needs of today’s families concerned with quality and savings in all areas of life—from their water treatment system to their environment.

With a single cabinet design and an easy-to-program controller, this softener alleviates the need for the bulky and hassle-prone alternative of non-Hague brands. This is not just a home appliance, this is a household necessity. 

Models 50 | 51 water softener features

  • Advanced water treatment systems designed to provide families with great tasting soft water.
  • For well-water applications. Whole house softening and filtration, reduces ferrous iron and monitors water usage.
  • User Friendly controller: Just enter your water hardness number and the controller does the rest automatically

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Models 50 | 51 water softener specifications

Specification 50PS 51PS
Maximum Compensated Hardness - mg/l 1,200 1,540
Maximum Ferrous Iron Reduction - mg/l 10 10
Minimum pH - standard units 7 7
Water & Ambient Temperature Minimum-Maximum - °C 4°-49° 4°-49°
Water Pressure Minimum - Maximum - bar 1.4-8.3 1.4-8.3
Maximum Flow Rate to Drain During Regeneration
Minimum Water Flow for Backwash - l/min
9.1 9.1
Pressure Drop @ 30.3 l/min - bar 1 1
Frequency of Regeneration Demand Demand
Controller Type 4 Button 4 Button
Electrical Rating 120V AC 60 Hz / 230V AC 50 Hz 120V AC 60 Hz / 230V AC 50 Hz
Plumbing Connections  1 inch threaded 1 inch threaded
Minimum Drain Line ID - cm 1.3 1.3
Media Tank Size - (ID x Height) - cm 26.7x48.3 26.7x66
Salt Storage - kg 77.1 77.1
Height - cm 77.5 77.5
Footprint - cm 38x66 38x66
Shipping Weight - approx. - kg 39 48
Fine Mesh Resin - l 20 28

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